Since 2011 Utopiastadt is being built around the old trainstation building Bahnhof Mirke in Wuppertal.
A growing cultural and creative laboratory in which utopias, visionary ideas and basic social considerations are concretized and realized

enorm Magazin 03/17

Mirker Bahnhof - Utopiastadt Wuppertal  

Christian Hampe - CEO Utopiastadt  


Hutmacher Café  

David J. Becher - CIO Utopiastadt  

Food Sharing  

Volunteer Passport  

Ralf Glörfeld  

/dev/tal - Hackerspace Wuppertal  


Matthias Wanner  

Management Meeting  

Old Waiting Room  

Beate Blaschczok, Christian Hampe - Founders  

Utopiastadt Wuppertal